First scrimmage in two years

Look at those happy faces!

On December 5th, we had our first scrimmage since Covid shut Derby down.

We are very grateful to Raven Mackenzie Ladao, Jocelynn Drew, Rachel Bandaid McManmon, and Katelyn Hughes for the coaching help!

And to Christopher Grace, Brandon Clifton, Johnny Cash Machine, and Natalie Grace for help with officiating.

And finally a big thank you to Roller World for hosting us!

Enroll for the Skate Riots Winter 1 Session!

During January and February we have lots of exciting things going on (including a Return of the Derby Mixed Scrimmage for registered skaters!)

We have two specialty clinics:

  1. Sunday, January 9th with Johnny Cash Machine for L2 and L3 players and,
  2. Tuesday, January 25th with Speedy Dan to learn how to skate faster on the track

There are 4 registration options:

  1. Register for all the Sundays in Saugus (which includes the January 9th clinic)
  2. Register for all the Tuesdays in Tyngsboro (which includes the January 25th clinic)
  3. Register for both Tuesdays and Sundays which includes both clinics!
    For any of the first 3 options use these forms for
    Returning Skaters
    Newbie Skaters
  4. Register for just the clinics using this form